Characteristics and Causes of Neonatal Mortality in Hospitalized Cases at Benghazi Children's Hospital (2013-2014)

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Ashraf Rajab
Suad F. Elnasfi
Amal Elfakhri
Raja Elfakhri
Hind K. Elgetaany
Abeer Eltigane
Sami A. Lawgaly


Background: Neonatal morbidity and mortality are major global public health challenges with approximately 3.1 million babies worldwide dying each year in the first month of life. The vast majority of neonatal death occurs in developing countries.                                     

Aims: This study was undertaken to assess the magnitude of neonatal mortality and identify the main causes and associated factors of neonatal mortality.              

Methodology: A retrospective study of 5791 neonates was conducted in Benghazi children hospital from 1st January 2013 up to December 2014.             

Results: During the two years of the study there were 5791 neonates admitted to neonatal unit of Benghazi hospital, out of them 389 died (6.7% of total neonatal admissions) accounting for 59.6% of the total Paediatric deaths within the same period, moreover approximately one neonate died every 48 hours throughout the study period. There was a slight predominance of male deaths 225 (57.5%) over females 164 (42.5%). The majority of neonates were Libyan 365 (94%), 212 of them were born in Benghazi, while the remaining 177 from other cities. Preterm neonate accounted for 35% (138) of deceased neonates. The most common causes were lung diseases of prematurity (29%), sepsis (25%), Congenital Heart Diseases (12.5%), post-operative intestinal obstruction (7%), multiple congenital anomalies (7%), intractable convulsions (6.5%).

Conclusion: This study indicated that neonatal mortality represented the highest portion of all deaths reported at Benghazi children hospital during the study period. Lung diseases of prematurity was found to be the top leading cause followed by sepsis then congenital heart diseases. Male showed marginal predominance over female in this study. More than one third of deceased neonates were preterm.

Neonatal death, preterm, lung diseases of prematurity, Benghazi children’s hospital.

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Rajab, A., Elnasfi, S. F., Elfakhri, A., Elfakhri, R., Elgetaany, H. K., Eltigane, A., & Lawgaly, S. A. (2020). Characteristics and Causes of Neonatal Mortality in Hospitalized Cases at Benghazi Children’s Hospital (2013-2014). Asian Journal of Pediatric Research, 3(3), 37-42.
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