Comparative Study of Nebulization with Salbutamol vs Saline Solution at the Acute Phase of Bronchiolitis of 100 Children Aged 1 to 23 Months

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Nadia Mebrouk
Naima El Hafidi
Fadoua Benbrahim
Soumia Benchekroun
Chafiq Mahraoui


Introduction: Infant bronchiolitis is the most common acute viral infection infection of the lower respiratory tract in children.  Many pharmacological interventions have been suggested, including bronchodilators, yet the efficacy of bronchodilators in the treatment of this infection is still controversial.

Objectives: To evaluate the effect of nebulization of salbutamol vs. saline solution in the acute phase of bronchiolitis.

Materials and Methods: Using a randomized selection process, 52 infant patients received salbutamol, and 48 received a saline solution.  The patients included in the study were aged 1 to 23 months and presented with their first episode of wheezing.  During patient selection, we excluded children who were asthmatic or had other pulmonary issues prior to their bronchiolitis episode.  Three nebulizations were performed for each patient, at one-hour intervals, after admission to the hospital.  Wang's score and oxygen saturation were recorded for each patient on arrival, then at 30 minutes after each nebulization.

Results and Conclusion:  During the treatment period (which lasts three hours), the mean Wang score decreased from 7 to 3.5, and the mean oxygen saturation increased from 92.5% to 95.6%.  Statistical analysis of the data, based on a parametric statistical test of the Student type (T-test), shows that there is no significant difference between nebulization with salbutamol and those given saline solution. The evolution of the clinical scores leads to the general conclusion that we cannot recommend using salbutamol nebulization over saline solution for the treatment of bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis, bronchodilators, nebulization, Wang score

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Mebrouk, N., Hafidi, N. E., Benbrahim, F., Benchekroun, S., & Mahraoui, C. (2020). Comparative Study of Nebulization with Salbutamol vs Saline Solution at the Acute Phase of Bronchiolitis of 100 Children Aged 1 to 23 Months. Asian Journal of Pediatric Research, 4(3), 18-25.
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