A 3-Year Physiotherapy Management of a Case of Spinal Poliomyelitis Referred at Three Months Post Paralysis

Uchenna Prosper Okonkwo, Joseph Onuwa Umunnah, Chima Collins Ihegihu

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Diabetes Keto-acidosis in Children: A Report of Two Cases and Literature Review

B. G. Mande, A. S. Batina, O. J. Alworonga, D. N. Ngbonda

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Prelacteal Feeding Practices of Mothers Attending Infant Welfare Clinic in a Tertiary Hospital in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

P. I. Opara, B. A. Alex-Hart

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Management of Paediatric Pain: Knowledge and Practice of Healthcare Providers at a Tertiary Centre, Southern Nigeria

G. K. Eke, D. C. Briggs

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Level of Knowledge on Prematurity and Its Complications in Women Seeking Care at Referral Hospitals in Mexico

José Alfonso Gutiérrez-Padilla, Julio César Monge-Diaz, Alejandro Osorio-Euan, Karen Jacqueline Pacheco-Chi, Juan Carlos Barrera-de Leon

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