I am medical doctor graduated fron the National University of Asuncion (Paraguay).Specialized in Pediatrics at the National University of Asunción, and in Neonatology at the Nihon University (Tokyo-Japan).I have a master in clinical research in primary care.(Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona). I was head of neonatology of the Paraguayan Red Cross maternal and infants hospital for 15 years. Since the 2004 I am the head of research at the Acosta Ñu Children Hospital.and the teacher of Research methodology of the specialization course of Pediatrics of the Catholic University. Since 2011 I am a resercher of the sciences and technology commisionn of my country (CONACYT –PY). I began to study the epigenetic factors and neurodevelopment (mother and infant exposure to pesticides , drugs and chemical ).I have two grants of research. The first is a cohort study about the prenatal exposure to pesticides and neurodevelopment and the second one is about intravenous sildenafil in the Persistent Pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. I just applied for a grant for a research in the small scale artisanal gold mine of my country and the neurodevelopment in children aged 7 to 10 years old.